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Next to my bed I have a calendar with a daily saying by Dr. Wayne Dyer. Today's was "One of the fundamental problems is that people want the world to be different then it is."I wondered, if I lived life appreciating each moment, would I feel that way? I am grateful to breathe. I am grateful to see trees and my garden as I write this. I am grateful for artists such as Louis Schwartzberg who made the above film for adding beauty and wisdom to my life. I am grateful for my mom who lives in a state of gratitude, reminding me how much better life is when I do too. I am grateful for my husband Paul whose unrelenting patience allows me to fully be myself. I am grateful for my house that I meticulously decorated so that I could love every angle. I am grateful for my children Max and Joy who melt my heart at the sight, sound or thought of them. And I am grateful for my toy poodle Biskit whose body may only have one tooth left and hardly any fur, yet he is a constant reminder for me to love unconditionally.

Time invested: nothing extra to be grateful

Cost: free

Time I feel joyful: when I live in the moment and focus on what I am grateful for.

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