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Inner peace is my goal. I am humbled by the possibility of helping others experience joy, through the stillness of yoga, a beautifully designed home, the art of fashion, or words on a page. Here I will share thoughts, words, images, concepts, products, and events that bring joy into my life, in the hopes of adding joy to yours.


Joanne King




November 14, 2016



Next to my bed I have a calendar with a daily saying by Dr. Wayne Dyer. Today's was "One of the fundamental problems is that people want the world to be different then it is."I wondered, if I lived life appreciating each moment, would I feel that way? I am grateful to breathe. I am grateful to see trees and my garden as I write this. I am grateful for artists such as Louis Schwartzberg who made the above film for adding beauty and wisdom to my life. I am grateful for my mom who lives in a state of gratitude, reminding me how much better life is when I do too. I am grateful for my husband Paul whose unrelenting patience allows me to fully be myself. I am grateful for my house that I meticulously decorated so that I could love every angle. I am grateful for my children Max and Joy who melt my heart at the sight, sound or thought of them. And I am grateful for my toy poodle Biskit whose body may only have one tooth left and hardly any fur, yet he is a constant reminder for me to love unconditionally.

Time invested: nothing extra to be grateful

Cost: free

Time I feel joyful: when I live in the moment and focus on what I am grateful for.


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